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NLP Life Coach & EFT Practitioner

Services Offered

  • Adult Coaching
  • Parent Coaching
  • Teenager Coaching
  • Parent Teenager Intervention
  • Parenting Workshops
  • Parenting Talks

Areas of Interest

  • Family relationships
  • Parent/child relationships
  • Learning difficulties
  • Parent Education
  • Building emotional Intelligence in children
  • Personal Development

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Shifting Perspective

Gails Views
  • Developing your child’s emotional intelligence is the most important thing to do…as important as academics, if not more
  • Parenting is not instinctive, learning a few skills can make the job so much easier and more effective
  • It is our small day to day interactions that count. Our day to day interactions with our children determine their happiness and true potential
  • Understanding the WHY behind your children’s behaviour and yours gives you the power to influence them


All services are offered online and in person based on client needs

Coaching sessions: one and a half hours long R1375.00 per session
Workshops: Online Workshops: 6-week program, 6 X 1.5-hour group coaching sessions,
video training, and workbook: R6500.00

Facebook: ShiftingPerspective10
Instagram: gail_shiftingperspective

Services offered

All services are offered online and in person based on client needs
  • Adult coaching – Coaching sessions are designed for you to get specific answers for your challenges in a safe and confidential environment. I offer online and in person one to one coaching. Coaching sessions can be one-to-one, with your spouse or partner and/or with your teenagers. Sessions are 90 minutes long and can be arranged at time intervals suited to your schedule and goals.
  • Parent coaching
    Providing parents of young children with strategies to implement in their day to day interactions to develop their children’s emotional intelligence in their foundation years. What children believe about themselves determines their potential and happiness and we as parents have a huge influence on this
    Providing parents of teenagers with strategies on how to navigate this stage of their development into adulthood. Teenage years are a powerful time, knowing how to balance giving freedom and setting boundaries will determine whether they become resourceful adults
  • Teenager coaching – giving teenagers the opportunity to develop their self-awareness at this stage in their life helps them to make wise choices during this transition time
  • Parent teenager intervention – resolving conflict between teenager and parents and developing a good relationships between them
  • Parent Workshops – Create the Family you Desire Workshop – Perceptions (for parents with children 2-12 years old)


On the workshop I teach you…
  • A clear easy to follow 6 step discipline system that will guarantee that your children not only listen but develop self-responsibility, the reason children don’t always listen is because we leave out a few steps in the discipline cycle
  • How to manage and understand your own emotions and frustrations, how to really settle our need to shout or get impatient and what to do with our guilt
  • How to develop your child’s confidence – because that is what will determine their happiness and how well they achieve
  • Understand the need for power and how to balance the power with your children – power is present in every interaction when they are having a tantrum, when they push back and don’t listen when we shout when we need them to do something. When you learn how to level the power that’s when you become more effective

Sessions are online on zoom for 1,5 hours long once a week for 4 weeks. Groups are small so it is very interactive.

It is suitable for parents with children between 2-12 years. Each week you learn a piece and get to practise and come back with questions before moving onto the next strategies.

  • Talks – One hour Parent Information Talks for schools in person or online.
  • Free online Parent Talks – Build your Child’s emotional intelligence as the foundation for their academic learning and life. Held monthly.