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4 Tips to develop your child’s creativity

Being creative is an important skill that enables us to become more flexible, come up with new ideas, adapt to change, and be better problem solvers. Our children need to develop creativity and form good ideas in...
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Board games and games to play with your kids this holiday

So, it is December holidays and in South Africa the kids are off for several weeks. Whether you are going on vacation or staying at home, this is usually the time to play and have fun. Board...
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How to make the most of the holidays

We all work very hard throughout the year – most of us only have 15 – 20 days annual leave. So December holiday is very special to most of us – it’s the festive time when families...
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Things your nanny can do to boost your child’s development

Many babies and toddlers from 4 months until 2 years stay at home with a nanny while their parents are off to work. Many parents want to know what their nannies should do to really boost their...
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How can we prepare our children emotionally for Puberty?

Between the ages of 10 and 13 children start to become more aware of their bodies and how they are starting to change. They become more aware of their friendships and comments from others. If we as...
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Coronavirus and Lockdown; a Psychoanalytic

How do we process life under the pandemic and avoid being drawn into the contagion of fear?  by Giovanni del Vecchio, 11 April 2020 A kind of war We suddenly find ourselves in an unplanned-for dystopia. How...
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Psychoanalyzing the Coronavirus: This Is What Happens to Our Mind Under a Mortal Threat

A woman wearing a protective face mask walks by a giant banner in Geneva during the coronavirus pandemic.AFP On Monday I emerged from two weeks in home quarantine after having returned from a brief seminar I gave...
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A Play Expert Reveals What Kids Really Mean When They Say “I’m So Bored!”

Boredom. To some parents, it’s a four-letter word – synonymous with laziness or a lack of motivation. But to others, it's one of the best things you can provide for your otherwise over-scheduled children. Turns out, both...
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