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US Pediatricians Recommend Kids Return to School This Fall Despite Risks

As parents anxiously await news of how school will look this fall amid the coronavirus, one influential group of experts is weighing in with a firm stance in support of a return to normalcy. The American Academy...
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Being Outdoors

Outdoors is great for everyone. Fresh air, nature, sun on your skin – it can only make us feel more relaxed. Still, we tend to keep our children inside – it’s safer, we can see them while...
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Surviving (and Thriving) as a Single Mom

A single mom’s parenting duties are no different than they are for a married one — except that you’re on your own. Here are some of the biggest worries of new single moms, and a few words...
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Coping With Separation And Divorce

Going through a separation or divorce can be very difficult, no matter the reason for it. It can turn your world upside down and make it hard to get through the work day and stay productive. But...
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The life long potential of play

The importance of play in early childhood development is increasingly being brought into the spotlight. Why is this? The world is suffering from an epidemic of performance and the expectation of children, from an early age, to...
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Develop Emotional Intelligence through the way you Discipline

Hosted by Shifting Perspectives our resident NLP life coach presents periodic talks and workshops on a wide range of topics such as “Take your power back and shift your child’s behaviour!” Are you a proactive, dedicated parent? Want...
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